Chia Seed Overnight Soak with Cholestero-Low “

Did you know that each sachet of Cholestero-Low is the equivalent of 4 bowls of porridge with only 28 calories and can lower your Cholesterol by up to 20%  !! Though we have been having much higher reductions, 26% is our highest drop! 

Experiment with 

Chia seeds (quantity- try 1/4 cup to start with!)

Add your Cholestero-Low

Oat Milk (Or milk of your choice) Try cupfull 

Add in a few cardamon seeds for a little extra flavour and kick ! ( + anti-oxidant properties!) 

Mix and pop in the fridge ! 

The next time you make Chia seeds overnight soak, you change the amount of milk/ chia seeds you add!

Add fresh fruit/ almond butter for a great heart healthy breakfast.

I find, giving an extra mix before heading off to bed allows the seeds to soak up more of the milk. 

Chia seeds are very nutritious ! The come from a plant called, Salvia hispanic.

They contain Fibre, protein, magnesium, calcium omega 3 fatty acids, phosphorous, b1,2 &3, and zinc !

Soak them over night in oat milk with Cholestero-Low for a ready to go heart healthy Breakfast ! 

A 1/4 cup of chia seeds contains approx 180 calories and is packed full of good fibres.

They also contain good fats, such as alpha linoleic acid, and omega 3 fat, which is great for your heart. 

They are a source of protein containing all 9 amino acids not made by your body.

Chia seeds also have anti-oxidant properties.

You can read more about Cholestero-Low here !

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