Oven Steamed Chicken + Couscous Salad



Chopped fresh coriander (Coriander is a source of Vitamin A,C,K, mangenese, iron) The nice taste/ floral aspect of coriander comes from linalool, which is is also in the planat Cannabis Sativa.

Chopped Baby Tomatoes

Pomegranates ( cut in half and over a big bowl push the pomegranates out ! I am not an expert on this, and always make a mess!)

Olive oil, 1-2 teaspoons.

Mix !

Couscous- Add water and boil, takes 4-5 mins.

Mix the coucous and the salad together.


Oven Steamed Chicken

Why oven steam ? I don’t have an oven steamer ?

You can make your own with a bowl of boiling water next to the dish to be cooked.

Steaming allows moisture and flavour is retained, and vitamins and minerals are not lost.


Oven Steaming allows the chicken to absorb the water and becomes nice and juicy !

Oven- preheat to 140 C.

Marinade chicken breast in:

olive oil

tumeric (anti-inflammatory, antioxidant)


garlic (good for blood pressure, reduces cholesterol and contains vitamins and minerals like Vit C, manganese)


dash of soya sauce

dash of white wine (leftover in the fridge!)

I don’t use specific amounts, I experiment with flavour and try again with less or more of each except one to two teaspoons of oilive oil, and same with soya.

Boil water and put in a bowl near the dish (Note-Be careful transferring the boiling water !!)

Add the chicken and leave for approx 15- 20 mins.

What you have is a really healthy nutritious dish !




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