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Oven Steamed Chicken

Oven Steamed Chicken + Couscous Salad Salad Ingredients Chopped fresh coriander (Coriander is a source of Vitamin A,C,K, mangenese, iron) The nice taste/ floral aspect of coriander comes from linalool, which is is also in the planat Cannabis Sativa. Chopped Baby Tomatoes Pomegranates ( cut in half and over a big bowl push the pomegranates […]

Welcome to the Cholestero-Low Blog

The Mediterranean Diet The Mediterranean Diet is the best heart healthy diet going. Its been around for generations, and research has shown that those that follow it live longer, healthier lives. Italian Chef Federica Nucci has made some simple gorgeous and recipes for Cholestero-Low subscribers ! Cod in a Jar Recipe The first is “Cod […]