Blueberry Cake Sugar Free

Blueberry Cake 

Gluten and Sugar Free


With 85% Dark Chocolate Sauce


Sugar and gluten are proven to be not very good friends of our health, but it’s often very hard to give taste and consistency to a healthy dessert without giving up something. Right? I think I have a solution for you here: this gluten free and mostly refined sugar free dessert is still really soft and tasty, that you can almost forget it’s a healthy cake!

Ready to get addicted?!

Dark chocolate and blueberries, 2 fabulous ingredients, not only for your health, but also for this dessert that will surprises you with its simplicity and taste! It’s not only gluten free (and still soooo soooo soft!) but also mostly sugar free. I used fresh apple juice to give sweetness to it and just added little sugar in the sauce.

Ready to get addicted?


Ingredients for about 4 cakes


In a Medium Bowl

Apple Juice 70gr

Egg 1 large (separate the white from the yolk)

Grapeseed Oil 1 Tbsp (15ml)

Vanilla Extract (Optional) ¼ Tsp


In a Smaller Bowl

Almond Flour 50gr

Rice Flour 60gr

Cardamom Powder ½ Tsp

Bicarbonate ¼ Tsp

Salt 1 Pinch



Blueberries 1 handful cut in half


For the Chocolate Sauce

85% Dark Chocolate 25gr + 10gr

Oat Milk 3 + ½ Tbsp (53ml)

Lemon Zest ¼ Tsp grated

Salt a small pinch

Sugar ½ Tbsp  


Tools needed:

1 Silicon mould


  • Turn on the oven with fan at 170°C.
  • Wisk the egg white separately until firm. Set aside.
  • Wisk the egg yolk and grapeseed oil well in a medium bowl. Add apple juice and vanilla extract. Wisk.
  • In a smaller bowl combine together almond flour, rice flour, bicarbonate, cardamom and salt.
  • Transfer the flours into the liquids and mix well to combine. Add the egg white using a wooden spoon and mix from the bottom to the top.
  • Cover the surface of each silicon mould with the blueberries, use the cut facing down. Form a“shell” placing them one next to the other.
  • Scoop some mix into each mould without filling them up completely. Fill a tray with 1 finger of water and place the mould inside it.
  • Cook for about 13 minutes. To check if the cake is cooked inside, gently press it with a finger and see if it bounces back. Turn off the oven and leave the door half open leaving the cakes inside for 3 minutes.

For the chocolate sauce:

  • Place 25gr of chopped chocolate inside a metal bowl with oat milk, sugar, lemon zest and salt.
  • Put the bowl on top of a pot filled with 3 fingers of water. Turn the heat on medium and don’t stir.
  • When ¾ of the chocolate is melted, stir to combine until all is melted. Turn off the heat.
  • Add 10gr of chopped chocolate and mix until all is melted. Serve immediately with the dessert.


How to serve:

  • Place a spoonful of chocolate sauce on each plate, top with the cake and serve warm.