Cod in a Glass Jar

Healthy Mediterranean Cod Recipe

Glass Jas Cooked Cod

With Sundried Tomatoes and Garden Thyme
This is fantastic recipe that will make you fall in love with this cooking method, I promise! There is no added salt in this recipe and it contains all the ingredients that are beneficial for your blood and your heart like chickpeas and the Omega 3 contained in the fish.

Ingredients for 1 portion (1 jar)

Cod Fillet with Skin 200gr, cut into medium squares Precooked Chickpeas 70gr Shallot 20gr, sliced thin with a mandolin Sundried Tomatoes 4, cut in half Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1 Tbsp + 1 Tsp Garlic Powder 1/4 Tsp Fresh Thyme a few springs Garlic 1 whole clove with skin Basil a few leaves Lemon Zest to taste Black Pepper to taste Tools needed: Half litre hermetic glass jar (1 per person)
  1. Turn the oven on at 200°C.
  2. Place all the ingredients in the glass jar following this sequence:
  3. Half of the sliced shallot in the bottom, garlic powder, 3 slices of sundried tomatoes, 2 springs of fresh thyme and 1 basil leaf.
  4. Lay about half of the cod to cover the bottom layers, top with the rest of the shallot, 3 other slices of sundried tomatoes, 2 thyme springs and 1 basil leaf, chickpeas, some lemon zest, finish with the rest of the cod, 2 more slices of sundried tomato, 1 whole garlic clove crushed a little with your hands, black pepper to taste and 1Tbsp + 1Tsp of olive oil to season everything.
  5. Place the jar in a large and tall pot, as tall as the jar, and fill it with hot water until 2 fingers from the lid.
  6. Transfer the tray with the jar in the oven and bake for 25 mins.
  7. Remove the jar from the oven and serve it immediately. You can transfer the content into a dish or serve it directly in the jar.