Dr. Clióna Murphy

Longevity is what we should aspire to as humans. To live healthy long lives. The people in this world that live the longest do so by eating well and exercising regularly for e.g the people of the Mediterranean who live longer, with lower rates of chronic diseases.

Growing up, I spent my summers working in the family pharmacy.

I witnessed the same thing I see everyday as a doctor,  in urgent care and GP surgeries: People looking for ways to prevent illness with food supplements, vitamins and other natural means that avoid prescription medication.

There is no doubt in the scientific literature that people can help themselves prevent becoming unwell with diet and exercise and depending on what they are trying to achieve with certain tailored supplements or vitamins.

Personally, having graduated as a doctor, and coming face to face with the stresses of life as a doctor in Ireland, I in turn looked to diet and lifestyle and tailored supplements to achieve better mental and physical wellbeing.

Working as a doctor, listening to patients inspired me to develop a supplement designed to help people lower their cholesterol and improve their cardiovascular health.

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